Friday, August 21, 2009


I have a few from our recent camping trip and my brother's family's visit.. So here they are for your viewing pleasure.. Sorry, they're totally in random order.

Me and the kids at Woodland Zoo in North Seattle. It was my favorite exhibit--penguins.

Our little tiny canoe on the Hood Canal.. I think we exceeded the weight limit

We found a dead crab and of course we had to put it on somebody.

Life jackets are SO flattering

How many Eagle Scouts does it take to light a fire?
"What do you mean we're out of morning wood?"

The sunset--one of my favorite views.
I'm supervising the boys skipping rocks

The water we decided to cross by canoe.. not our smartest decision

Anyways, I have a ton of pictures on my camera just waiting to be blogged about.. so eventually, we'll make it to Best Buy and get a freaking USB cord and make it all better.

Wow, 3 blogs in 2 days... That's impressive for me.


Shannon said...

Gorgeous camping site. Nice morning wood joke too. hee hee. Also, the penguins really are the best.

The Boob Nazi said...


Sue said...

So buy the freaking cord already!

The Boob Nazi said...


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