Friday, June 19, 2009

Why I love myspace

I got this message from some random kid I don't even know..

"Hey its matt please I need a girls input your advice on this look I want to report my mother to social services for child abuse for saying untrue things about me. look me and my brother threw ketchup around in McDonalds and it got on some people’s clothes and this ladies coach purse my mom had to pay 300 bucks for the clothes i ruined. My mom wouldnt give us 90 bucks for a game she said my sister needed stuff for school i was mad at her for being cheap.The manager came to the table yelled at us. when my mom came out of the bathroom. she saw what we did she wigged out on us and diss us in there called us a babies real loud told me and him we need go back to wearing diapers again and sit in a high chair. can I bring her up on charges for saying that to me telling me i need to be in diapers again? even just to scare her. Its just no fair why is mothers so mean It has to be a girl thing with her. she took away my x box and i pod i cant go out on the weekends now because of her. look I know im 16 years my bro is 13 years old but i have more legal rights then my mother on this im sure of it. Even the charges dont stick it would make her treat me better in the future by not calling me a baby right?"

Wtf? What makes this kid think I would care? Plus, that's not child abuse. That's discipline. Get over it kid.


Kristine said...

LOL! I needed a laugh today. Thanks Sherri & Matt. He sounds like quite the spoiled brat!

The Boob Nazi said...


Shannon said...

That's hilarious! He is acting like a baby and no you don't have more legal rights than her in this you idiot. She is your parent. Now if she beat the crap out of you while telling you you need to be back to wearing diapers, then you might have a case. Too ridiculous.

I haven't been on myspace in ages. I'm sure I have some random crap messages in my box too. i should go check. :)

Sue said...

I don't think it's real. That's all.

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