Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things I Want

As I you all may know.. Graham's and my finances have been tight lately. I make good money for a new dietitian, but with my student loans and whatnot.. it's a little rough. With Graham not getting paid since February... it's more tight than we'd like.

So we get over this financial rough spots by window shopping and imagining... if I only made more money, I would get:

1) A freaking haircut and color. Are split ends EVER in style? I haven't gotten my hair cut and colored since September!!!!

P.S. Is anyone else proud of extreme split ends? I once had a strand of hair split 15 times. I thought about saving it for Guinness Book of World Records.

2) A replacement for my blue L eCreuset French oven. These things are supposedly indestructible... but not Graham & Sherri-proof. FYI, do NOT store Le Creuset French ovens on top of your fridge. Oh, and make sure you jump out of the way when it falls and breaks.
3) New tires for my XTerra. They're getting close to bald and very close to dangerous.

4) Art for our walls. Graham told me we couldn't buy anything more to decorate until we buy a house, but I hate white walls so much! My mom introduced me to this website for interior designers, where you pick the colors of your room, and the website finds art that matches the colors. I found one that would be perfect on our room and it's affordable.. just not now.

5) Outdoor patio set.. i.e. a place to sit and eat OUTSIDE and enjoy the good weather while we can. By the way, it's raining today. Can you believe it?

6) A nice apartment/condo. Our landlord may be selling the place, so we don't know if we can stay here for another year. It's what we were planning to do.. so we'll see. I hate moving! Plus, the apartments here are WAY too expensive for the area. Is it just me, or is $1100 a month on a 2-bedroom apartment out in sticksville too much? This is freaking West Puget Sound, NOT Seattle!

7) Another vacation.. This time to Victoria, British Columbia. I found this place on and fell in love... Please let us go!

The hotel


Buchart Gardens

8) The professional multi-chopper at Williams-Sonoma. I accidentally destroyed my previous cheap onion chopper, and I literally have cried about it. Without my chopper, chopping more than 1 onion is impossible. My eyes are seriously sensitive to onion fumes.

Alas, tis all a dream and a twinkle in my eye at this moment.

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The Boob Nazi said...

hahaha I used alas on someone's wall the other day and felt weird. But uhh, I'll be going on a vacation soon. Be jealous. Stockholm plus Copenhagen plus Madrid.... yeeesss maybe Oslo????? eeeeeeee I want to go see fjords! (But they're kind of far away.... oh well)

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