Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why we all need to be less sensitive

I was sitting at a patient's chart the other day, wearing my cute new outfit. I'd post a picture of it, but it wasn't available online. But anyways, it was a cropped sweater with a halter underneath. And, I thought I looked pretty cute.

A CNA walked past smiling, and said to me "Oh, look at your cute tummy."

I turned to her and gave her the look of death. Seriously, I could not have portayed any more hatred in a single look. I stared her down as she continued to walk past me. My blood burned within my veins.

I finally stopped seething long enough to say through gritted teeth, "I'm not pregnant you know."

She didn't reply. She kept walking and kind of gave me a weird look.

I went back to my chart note and tried not to think of the ways I could kill her.

She walked back past me again and said, "And look at your cute shoes!"

My thoughts cleared... Was she complimenting me? So I said to her, "I'm so sorry I gave you the look of death. I thought you were saying how I looked pregnant!"

So we laughed about it pretty hard, because she was in fact saying how cute I looked and how I didn't look fat! She said she had tried on a similar top, and she looked too fat to buy it..

Lesson learned: Don't assume someone is calling you fat just because you think you're fat.


Shannon said...

That is so funny. I'm glad that it ended well. I think we all get extra sensitive that people notice the flaws we care the most about, but most of the time, no one notices. I'm glad that you won't have to trash your cute new outfit because someone thought you looked pregnant in it (I can't wear something again if someone thought I was pregnant while wearing it).

The Boob Nazi said...

I'm sorry, but saying "Look at your cute tummy" is NOT a compliment unless you are wearing a swimsuit and have a six pack. And even then, cute? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

Tyler said...

Yeah I second that notion, that's a weird compliment...Though your tummy was perfectly cute I'm sure...

Jacob said...

Do you have a problem with fat people?

Sue said...

I just don't think that's even close to a compliment. But I do understand what you're saying that we are kind of sensitive about a problem we have and we think others notice our problem as much as we do!!!

The Boob Nazi said...

I'm bored. Can you blog? I'm tired of reading an article on Clusters of Deviant Speech Disorders. And yes, it is as boring as it sounds.

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