Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Unwanted compliments

Nobody wants to hear these:

*You look just like that celebrity Roseann Barr.
*You look so pretty.... today.
*Wow, I love your look.. It's so.... different.
*You remind me of my mom.

*"I thought you were the handicapped girl that is our helper here."

I got that one today at work.

Oh yes, apparently her and I look alike--similar hair color and facial profile.

I might also add, quite chubby.

Thanks ladies.. thanks for making my day.

Seriously, I wear a size 8 (and 6 sometimes on my non "fat days"). Since when does that make me FAT?!


The Boob Nazi said...

hadhf aksdjhfajksudhfuiaherm fjiawhfjk haskdjf hkasdhahahahaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

handicapped girl.... ahahahahahauwdhfijaudsh fuiahgfuihafijauhdsahsifji hasdiufhasdjikfh ajkds

Shannon said...

You aren't fat. You look great. People are just idiots most of the time.

Jacob said...


Tara said...

People say the weirdest stuff to you. What is wrong with people? There is nothing more annoying than having someone tell you you look like somebody and that somebody is fat. Can't you just tell me I look like Cameron Diaz? Please?
I wear a size 8 too and I don't feel fat.

Sue said...

Frankly, I found these comments funnier than the story!!! Welcome to the klutzy real world. (You're not fat.)

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