Monday, March 2, 2009

My Bad

Ok guys, so I found this blog about a woman who vowed to use her crockpot 365 days in a row. Check it out:

I'm a fan.

BUT, I decided to try something new from this website.. and kind of expensive. We don't eat fish in this house. I'm very picky--the fish absolutely CANNOT smell like fish. It should be very neutral and inoffensive. So, I bought some frozen fish and shrimp for a fish chowder recipe. Graham was excited to try it, so I was like, ok this better be worth the big bucks I just put down on the fish and shrimp.

I had to work yesterday, so Graham had to put it all together in the crockpot. He accidentally sliced his finger open (we have very sharp knives) cubing the frozen fish. So, he had really invested his effort--his blood AND tears--in this soup too.

When I got home at 6 last night, the house REEKED of fish. Not good fish. Stinky fish. Stinky stinky stinky fish. I could barely kiss Graham because he smelled like the stinky fish.

When I looked at the soup, it looked pretty gross. The potatoes were brown, I don't know how, the soup looked oily and separated, and the shrimp were chewy. It smelled SO BAD, we both only took a bite, and tossed the rest down the drain. We ended up eating PB&J's and an old batch of beef and barley soup I'd frozen a month before... which tasted about 10 times better than the fish chowder.

Lesson learned: Don't spend a large amount of money on food you're not sure you're going to like.

I'm deodorizing the house today because I couldn't sleep with the fish smell. It kept waking me up.


The Boob Nazi said...

EW. I am disgusted. DISGUSTED!!!!

Shannon said...

That is so gross. I can't even think about a fish soup without gagging. I have tried out a few recipes though where I spent more than normal on the ingredients and ended up throwing it all away because it tasted so bad. Lesson learned, right?
PS-Poor Graham.

Kristine said...

What kind of fish did you use? Not that it matters much. i love clam chowder, not so sure I could ever find a fish chowder that would be worth it.

Sue said...

EWWWWWW! Enough said.

Kristine said...

LOL - she linked to your blog!

Shewi128 said...

Haha.. She did! OOps.

Jenny said...

Steph (the crockpot lady) likes to give real reviews of her dishes. It is good to know that someone found it stinky. It lets the rest of us beware!

I, personally, will not make something in the crock pot that I have not had a "regular" version of, especially if it has expensive ingredients. I love all fish and sea food (except octopus and muscles) but find most recipes cook it to death and that is when it gets stinky, at least in my experience.

Craig said...

I ate a big red candle

Pam said...

Fish in the crockpot is NOT something that can be put in and left to cook all day. I think even Steph (aka: the Crockpot Lady) mentions that you have to cook it while keeping an eye on it.

Nice WEEKEND dish, not one of those toss it all in, go work for 8-10 hours, and eat it all up --- dishes.

So VERY SORRY you had stinky house. Did you try putting the white vinegar out to set and absorb the fish stink?

Ok .... got her by following Steph's link and I'm now off to explore your blog.


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