Saturday, August 30, 2008


So yeah.. I'm tired this weekend from working full-time and being a full-time wife and hostess. We had our first overnight visitors (Graham's cousin and girlfriend) on Wednesday, and a little dinner party on Friday. I love cooking for people and playing hostess, so if you are ever thinking of visiting Seattle for a weekend, we would love to have you!

Anyways, let me tell you about random events in our lives:
--Graham got a job! I told him he has to earn his keep, so this is good. Plus, he is making almost as much working part-time here as he did working full-time in Portland. He's a job coach for handicapped people at the same hospital as me. The funny thing is, some of the workers in the kitchen thought HE was the handicapped person. They were all, "Are you the new worker? You're doing SUCH a great job!" They figured it out sooner or later, but it's still funny.
--I finally started writing nutrition notes in my patients' medical charts. Yay. Also, I get to take the RD exam as soon as I want.. which will probably be early October. I just need to start studying seriously.
--Graham and I bought our first vacuum. You know your life is not exciting when you are excited to use your vacuum for the first time. It works really well.. especially for a $60 Wal-Mart special.
--We decided not to buy that couch/fold-out bed thing for our second bedroom. The room is pretty small, and it wouldn't fit in there very well. I'll post pictures of the room sometime. We still want to buy an entertainment center for our TV, but we have to wait a bit until we actually have money. Suck.
--I am going to San Diego in a week and a half, and Phoenix in a month.. and I'm not paying for anything! Graham's going to be translating/interpreting for general conference in Utah when I'm in Phoenix, so he won't miss me too much.
--It stormed pretty bad here this week. It was raining so hard that many drains overflowed, and the roof of the HR building at the hospital caved in. Pretty sweet. The thing that sucked was that morning was pretty nice, so I was like, I don't need this umbrella. But, when I left, it was like a monsoon outside. Thanks Brem Brem weather!
--We are going to Las Vegas next year in June for a friend's wedding (Graham's going to be in the bridal party), so all of you friends there--especially you Alexis--you just might get a glimpse of or visit from Graham and me.

So yeah, Graham and I are doing nothing this weekend, and so far it has been FABULOUS. And one more thing.. I get paid for my holiday Monday. Sweet.


Julie said...

That's hilarious that they thought Graham was the handicapped one. I laughed really freaking hard at that.

Whitney said...

I think that Graham IS a really hard worker, even for a crippie.

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