Sunday, August 31, 2008

My next wish..

I was reading a book yesterday that was based in Boston, and suddenly I got this urge to visit there. I've always wanted to, because it's very historic and a seemingly cool city.. After all, I did apply to Boston University for grad school.

Then, I got this great idea--Graham and I should go on vacation there next year during the fall season!

First, we plan on staying in Boston for about 3 days.. Go to a Red Sox game, see the beautiful city and its sights, and so on..

Then, make a trip to New England--most likely Vermont--to see the leaves just turning fall colors and to go sightseeing. I love autumn leaves, and I've always wanted to visit there..

Last, go to see some church history sites, like Palmyra, Hill Cumorah, etc. Hey, we're in the general area, so why not?

So, I got really excited tonight about this future vacation and have been looking at several websites for the best deals on flights, hotels, activities.. We can fly to Boston, non-stop, for $350 each (including taxes) on JetBlue, which is sweet. I also found a sweet deal for a cute bed & breakfast in Vermont on LuxuryLink for 3 nights, meals, etc for $325, which again is amazing. So--anybody else in for the ride?


Julie said...

Well, I'll be going to Hawaii in August, so I'll have no money. Sorry. But if you go during the U's fall break, maybe I could go. Or get the parents to go with you! That'd be nice. Mom LOVED Boston.

Alexis said...

That's a fantastic idea. Somehow I ended up going to Boston three times last summer (I went to a couple of conferences) and I loved it. It is a gorgeous city. It's one of the oldest in the country and there are beautiful old churches everywhere. There's good shopping, an excellent public transportation system, and of course, the oldest ball park in the country. If you decide to go, email me and I can tell you how to get reasonably priced tickets (they are VERY difficult to get).

I would love to go. I need to get a job and start saving.

Sue said...

I (we) are definitely up for this! We kind of wanted to go back and do the historical sites, though. Also we kind of wanted to take you (and Graham) to the Arizona/BYU game next fall and do a quick tour of Grand Canyon (maybe Dad won't barf this time).

Darren, Tisha and a baby brewin' said...

Call Darek and Amberli, they can put you up for a night, I'm sure...or just help you navigate the city. She knows all the good shopping too!

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