Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good 'ol Brem Brem

So Graham has this thing that he nicknames stuff by repeating it.. Like a shower is a little "rinse rinse" or if I want a shoulder rub it's called a "rub rub".

So I want to call our town.. "Brem Brem". I'm retarded.

Anyways, we're here in our condo.. Eventually I'll post pictures, but it's not too impressive right now. We are unpacked already with picture frames on the walls, which IS impressive.

We have an amazing view of the water from our living room and from the kitchen. I can chop vegetables and look out at the Sound. I love it.

Yesterday, we were bored and randomly took a drive out to "Scenic Beach Park" to watch the sunset. It was seriously one of the most beautiful sights to see the sun set behind the Olympic Mountains and cast its rays on the Sound. We were in awe of the sight and wanted to live there forever.

We are strapped on cash, but might take the ferry for free to Seattle tomorrow to escape our boredom and to explore a bit.

So yeah--all of you are invited to come visit! It's beautiful and we have a lovely condo for you to stay in!


Julie said...

Too bad I'm pretty much never coming. Jenny says go to Issaquah because that's where she's from. Something about a plateau. Also go to Bellvue. Bell Square is one of her favorite malls. (Maybe you shouldn't go there because you're poor.) Fun during Christmastime. She just wants you to go exploring in that area.

Whitney said...

I'm glad that you're successfully moved in. We move in 2 weeks from today. It sounds like your place and mine are somewhat similar, I too hope to chop veggie while looking at the windows over the water. Aaaah...

I can't wait to get out of my stuffy apartment and into an open and airy house.

We'll try to come visit. You're welcome at our place as well.

Sue said...

Well, it IS cheaper to fly to Seattle than to Utah. So.......expect us.

Tyler said...

Be there soon!

Darren, Tisha and a baby brewin' said...

I wanna go!!!

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