Thursday, May 22, 2008

Google Analytics

So my sister turned me onto this web program that allows me to track who's looking at my website, and where they're coming from.

The most entertaining feature is the search engine phrases that people use and then end up looking at my blog.

My favorites:

--rheumatoid arthritis alien abductee

--I hate being a registered dietitian

--alcohol worsens episcleritis

--what do I wear to my wedding shower

--get off dialysis

--candles in "cultural hall"

Do these people really think my blog answers these questions? Alien abductee person.. REALLY?


Sarah said...

That's so weird. And, yet, cool. I'm putting off doing case studies for school right now. i can't get myself to do it. I am stalking people instead by looking at their blogs. Like yours. And then I was thinking that if I had a blog I would blog right now the following (sorry your blog is the victim of this post i'm stealing): What the poop is up with Microsoft Windows 2007! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Seriously, I cannot even freaking print anything. I am trying to print something for school but am delightfully distracted by sherri's blog, and I CAN"T EVEN FIGURE OUT HOW TO PRINT. I can't figure out how to do anything that involves...anything on the new programs! Microsoft products have passed my brain capacity and officially blow my mind. However, whenever in doubt, press ctrl+p. Works every time! Sorry, I just had to tell someone that and am alone at school. Although there is a group of girls sitting by me discussing anorexia. They are really in to it (as a research topic, not a hobby, of course). Oh, and to add to this super long comment, I was thinking of you today because we had an RD from the county come and talk to us about diabetes and there were Sea Mar RDs there, and I thought of you. RDs. Sherri. Food. Sherri. Sherri. Food. Ok I'll stop now.

Alexis said...

Ha. Sarah should have a blog don't you think? I would be a frequent reader.

Do they allow candles in a cultural hall, Sherri? I need to know. Also. How does one get off dialysis?

Shannon said...

Very intriguing, this new feature. I think perhaps this person knows that you were abducted by an alien and now you are going to be cursed with rhuematoid arthritis??? Now I think i need to figure out how to do the same thing on my blog. :)

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