Monday, May 12, 2008

The Leprechaun

Ok, so Graham and I decided to rent random movies on Saturday night, and we ended up with a weird "scary" Asian movie and the early 90's classic The Leprechaun.

I don't know how many of you have seen this movie, but the first 10 minutes really turned me off. First of all, is a leprechaun scary to ANYONE? I mean, it's small, wears hats and shoes with buckles, and sports striped socks. Can you really be afraid of a little man with striped socks? Maybe this was scary to people in the early 90's... but I'm not so sure.

Anyways, the first minute shows a "scary" leprechaun fondling his gold coins as he recites a limerick (a rhyming limerick, mind you) about nobody being able to steal his gold. How can you take a rhyming gnome seriously? Also, instead of killing somebody right off with a knife or something cool, he pushes an old woman down the stairs. Please. Not scary. I've known plenty of people that have pushed elderly people down stairs.

One more example of how "scary" the leprechaun is: he pogo-sticks a man to death. I mean literally. He hops on top of a guy's chest with a pogo stick and it kills him. Oooooo so terrifying. No wonder nobody has those toys anymore.

So, I stopped watching the movie. I don't know if I was supposed to take it seriously as a scary movie or not. Leprechaun in Da Hood was probably not supposed to be taken seriously.


Sarah said...

HAHA! That's funny. Pogosticked to death.

Mallory said...

favorite part of the post: that you know plenty of people who have pushed elderly people down the stairs. are you in with a gang of such people? is it part of the initiation to commit random acts of violence against the aged?

Julie said...

Something I didn't write in my blog because I sort of feel bad about it: Two elderly people got in between me and Irina as we were trying to get onto a crowded bus, and they were going soooo slow, so I might have pushed them. Just a little. They pissed me off! But it was up stairs, not down stairs. But here you go, add me to that list. Stupid elderly. The best part is that nobody here says "Izvinitya," which means excuse me, so I didn't even have to excuse myself! haha!!

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