Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Baby Number 2

Well, everyone.. I am still alive.. and I am now a mother of two.

Oh what, you wanted to hear the birth story? Oh, well.. ok. I didn't plan on writing about it..

Yeah, I love birth stories, so I'm going to write about it. Plus, I want my kids to hear the stories about the day they were born.

Here's a photo of the newborn Sadie to keep you interested.. No offense Sadie, but newborn you wasn't particularly photogenic..

Anyways, here we go..

My pregnancy was pretty smooth this time around. No morning sickness, just general malaise during the first trimester. I worked daily out until I was 33 weeks. No gestational diabetes (YAY!). My measurements were right on track. My blood pressure was fine (except for one isolated incident when I was 33 weeks and my BP was high when I checked it, but perfect when I went to the hospital to get checked out.. story of my life). Sadie moved a lot, I had no cramping, no vision problems, headaches, etc.

When I was 33 weeks along, I found out my OB/GYN would be out of the country (South Africa) for the last few weeks of my pregnancy, until I would be ~39 weeks along. My sister (aka Carter's babysitter) would also be gone during the same time frame (AND in the same country as my doctor--believe it or not), so I hoped to keep the baby in until at least 39 weeks. I was convinced that this would be the case, as Carter was born at 39 weeks 1 day, and I didn't have any serious complications so far with Sadie's pregnancy So, I expected to deliver the last week of May or later. I hoped to go until at least June 2nd (my due date was May 31st or so).

On my 37th week appointment, my doctor was not there, as planned.. so I had to see one of her partners. I remarked to my co-workers as I left for my 9:45 AM appointment that I had been bringing all my stuff home every time I went to appointments "just in case". I got to my appointment, and they were running late, as usual. So when they checked my blood pressure and it was 160/100, I figured it was because I was angry about waiting an hour to see a doctor I was unfamiliar with. I got re-checked after resting for 10 minutes, and again, it was high. The doctor came in and was very concerned about my blood pressure. She told me I wasn't returning to work (so I was like ok, I'll just go home to rest).. but then she told me I should go to the hospital today to be induced if my BP was still high when I got there.

Um, NO! I was supposed to have the baby no sooner than 2 weeks from that day! I was in shock, like, ok.. but what about everything else in my life?? I'm not ready for this! So, I had to text my co-workers, ask my very pregnant friend to babysit Carter for two nights, and get a hold of Graham at home (who luckily was not sleeping off a night shift that day). As it always happens, I could not get a hold of Graham. I knew he was going to be mowing the lawn, and we have really poor cell reception at our house, so I told him to take the house phone outside with him. I called his cell phone and home phone a million times, and then I got the bright idea to call someone from church who lived down the street. A very nice man from church went and found Graham outside and told him to call his wife who was about to have a baby! After what felt like hours, Graham finally got a hold of me and we got our plan figured out.

So, I was admitted to the hospital around 11:30 AM for a possible induction. At the doctor's office, my cervical check revealed I was at 1.5 cm, 50% effaced, and -2 station. So, I was considered favorable for induction. They almost didn't let me drive myself to half-mile to the hospital from my doctor's office due to seizure risk, but there was no way I was getting into an ambulance for a 2 minute drive! I got all set up in the room for BP monitoring and to get the induction under way. My BP was still pretty high, so I was there for good to get the baby out. Luckily, my BP wasn't super high to start out, I had no symptoms of pre-eclampsia, and I didn't have protein in my urine (another symptom of pre-eclampsia), so I didn't have to get started on magnesium sulfate right away. I had to be on it last time, and it was awful. It made me sick and I couldn't get out of bed to help speed labor along. So, I was very excited I wouldn't have to be on mag for this delivery.

I got started in pitocin around 1:45 PM. Didn't feel a thing for a while. I turned on HGTV for a "Flip or Flop" marathon. Then, the hospital OB (not even one from the practice where I was followed) came in 2:30 PM to tell me my urine results came back for a high protein-creatinine ratio, an indicator for pre-eclampsia. On went the magnesium sulfate drip--and it burned as it went through the IV. Lovely. For the next couple of hours, I only had inconsistent contractions.. so the doctor broke my water around 5 PM. After 15 minutes, I was finally feeling the contractions. I have extremely painful back labor--I did not feel contractions up front at all. So, I laid on my side while Graham put counter pressure on my back to help with the pain. Every 5-15 minutes the blood pressure cuff would sound an alarm as it checked my blood pressure (always over 160/90). At 5:45 PM, I asked for the epidural, knowing the anesthesiologist would probably take a long time to get there.

I was right. He was not able to get there until 6:30 PM or so. It was awful waiting for him, but the worst part was actually sitting up during the epidural placement. I was in so much pain and my nausea was the worst! I kept saying, I'm going to throw up, I'm going to throw up! Luckily, I didn't (my first time was not so lucky--I puked many many times during Carter's delivery), and by 7 PM, he was done placing the epidural.. thank the Lord. By 7:15, my pain had decreased significantly. My nurse did a cervical check at 7:30, and somehow I was only at 3 cm. Graham and I already thought the baby wouldn't be born until probably the next day based on the length of my first labor, so I wasn't too surprised at the minimal progress.

Around 7:45 PM, my nurse told me to tell her if I started to feel any pressure. She was busy preparing the room for the birth because she had a feeling I "was going to go fast". Around 7:50, I thought I felt pressure. At 8, I thought I felt more pressure. So, I finally said something to the nurse. She checked me, and told me to NOT push because the baby was right there! Around 8:15, my room was full of RN's, Respiratory Therapists, and the hospital OB/GYN. By 8:30 PM, Sadie was born and the doctor announced her birth by saying, "Oh. she's just a little tiny peanut!" My first thought was "Seriously--I gained all this weight for this tiny baby?!?" Graham and I bet on the baby's birth weight--I guessed 6 lbs even, and Graham guessed 5 lbs 10 oz.

She was 5 lbs 13 oz (somehow the average of mine and Graham's guesses), and 18 inches short. Brown hair, blue eyes. She had great APGARs and cry after birth. The hospital did delayed cord clamping, had Sadie lay on my chest with skin to skin contact, and let us relax for an hour before weighing her and doing any procedures. It was totally surreal because of how fast things went. From start to finish, my induction lasted a little less than seven hours! I went into work that morning and ended up with a baby 12 hours later. I kept saying to Graham, "Is this for real? Is she really here? Are we dreaming?". Anyways, my recovery was fairly smooth and wayyy better than the first time around, except my blood pressure. It was high enough to stay on mag sulfate for another 24 hours post delivery, and was high enough to leave the hospital on a blood pressure medication. Super fun. Even with my complications, this was a way easier delivery and recovery!

Anyways, I'll post about life some other time when I have a moment. I'm trying to enjoy every moment and age of Sadie's life because she is our last baby! Here are some photos to enjoy. Luckily, I was wearing makeup this time, so I was ok with taking pictures. (When Carter was born, I didn't allow photos of myself until the next morning after I'd showered and put makeup on.)

Slimy snuggles

Skin to skin

Finally a big brother!

The realest photo of them all--me on the phone answering a million texts and notifications.

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