Monday, February 10, 2014

Fitness Goals

So, I've kind of been maintaining my current state of fitness, working out 5-6 days a week, doing Bar Method videos, Turbo Fire videos, and RIPPED workouts at the Y. It's a good mixture of cardio, HIIT workouts, light weights, and body sculpting. However, I feel like I'm not really progressing or working towards something. It's kind of stagnant. So, I decided to make some fitness goals for myself so I can at least work towards something. FYI, Blogger is totally screwing up this blog.. ARGGGGH.

Goal #1: Improve flexibility.
I know that this is a vague goal, but it's something I've realized that I need to work on. I have chronically tight shoulders, with giant knots that never go away. So, with only stretching for 5 or less minutes after my RIPPED workouts, I am not improving at all with my flexibility and range of motion, especially in my hamstrings and shoulders. With the Bar Method videos, my flexibility is tested and increased, but I don't do these videos more than 1-2 times per week. So, with my new upcoming change in my work schedule, I'll have more time in the afternoon for random things, which just may include a slight cardio warm-up and my 12-minute stretching video from Turbo Fire. I also plan on making Wednesday nights my dedicated core and Yoga night with Core 20 and Stretch 40 from Turbo Fire.
Reward: greater strength, less knots in my shoulders..?

Goal #2: More weight loss.
So, my goal for weight loss the first time around was to simply lose 25 pounds, which took me down to the "healthy" BMI range (<25 22-24="" 30="" 5-7="" a="" about="" always="" and="" appetite="" at="" been="" but="" clothes="" crap="" decreases="" diet="" doctor="" doing="" down="" eat="" even="" five="" food.="" get="" go.="" goal="" good="" have="" however="" i="" is="" lately.="" line="" ll="" loss="" m="" maybe="" me="" more="" my="" normal="" not="" now="" of="" office="" on="" p="" pounds="" right="" s="" see.="" seven="" slim="" so="" still="" stress="" stuck="" tell="" tendency="" this="" though="" to="" total.="" waist="" want="" we="" weigh="" weighed="" weight.="" weight="" where="" which="" with="" would="" you="">Reward:
More workout clothes. As I've said in the past, I'm obsessed with Athleta's workout clothing line. I want more clothes, but I don't think it's ok for me to just be buying these clothes without doing something for it. So, I decided that if I lose those 5 additional pounds, I can buy another workout outfit. This has definitely motivated me to try harder! Plus, with the stress hormones inhibiting my appetite, I just may get there sooner rather than later!

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