Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stitch Fix Review #3

So, I decided to try Stitch Fix another time, especially due to my last success with my 2nd Fix. I did have some special requests, though, which included the following:

1) A light jacket, similar to this one:
neutrals & plum

2) Colored skinny jeans (a fall-appropriate color would be nice, like the one above).

3) A non-gold, brightly colored statement necklace, perhaps similar to this (I know this doesn't have a lot of color):
#black and #statement #necklace

However, this is what I got:

They now printed out all of the clothing items and the outfit ideas on one page, with the option of pulling them apart. I just wish they no longer annoyingly pinned these cards inside the clothes.

First: 19 Cooper Landon Front Pleat Short Sleeve Blouse

First of all, I love pleats, and I love the bright blue color. However, it was too short, a little too tight in the arms, and hung out straight from my boobs, making me look pregnant. If you can't tell by my face, I really didn't like it. Verdict: PASS

Second: Kensie Susanna Metallic Dot Crew Neck Sweater

If you look at my Pinterest clothing board, you'd notice that I have an unhealthy obsession with polka dots. However, this sweater didn't do it for me at all. The polka dots were slightly metallic, but were otherwise not noticeable. The sweater was also a little short. The sweater material was thin, scratchy, and cheap-feeling. It was also over $70. Verdict: PASS

Thirds: 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan

So, I know Stitch Fix couldn't possibly know this, but I hate open cardigans. They are not flattering on me and I just don't like the concept. Also, it was extremely long (like past my butt), which is extremely rare for me. However, I did like the color. Verdict: PASS

Fourth: 41Hawthorn Ivy Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse
Love, love LOVE this green color. It's more of an emerald green than it appears in this photo. It wasn't too loose, OR too tight in the shoulders/chest. Verdict: KEEP

Fifth: Peppermint Isabella Pleated Skirt

 Ok, so I hate these photos. Especially since you can see what a waist I DON'T have.. Anyways, pleats in the crotchal region = yuck. I have a couple of skirts that have a few pleats, but mostly at the bottom of the skirt, like this one:

Anyways, I really hated the skirt. Not flattering, a little too short, and the cheap, shiny, stretchy black polyester fabric definitely looked like something a referree would wear.. a sexy female referree, maybe.

I have to say, I was quite disappointed. I asked for three things, and I got NONE of them. I even had the same stylist as I did last time! However, they did provide me with some pretty colored tops, especially compared to the mostly black items I received last time. I don't completely fault them for not knowing that I hate open cardigans, but I am pissed off that they couldn't include one single item that I requested. I did have a $25 referral credit (ahem, feel free to use me as a referral), so that made my purchase cheaper and made me happier.

Anyways, I'm taking a break from the Fix for a while. I don't have the money to keep up regular boxes, especially with Christmas coming up. Maybe I'll try another box when spring arrives.

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