Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another fitness update

If you can read the time stamp on this blog update, you'll see that I am up wayyy too late on a weeknight. But, Carter is at his grandparents' house, I don't have work tomorrow, and I drank 2 cans of Diet Pepsi after 9 PM. That was a bad choice...

Anyways, as I have made clear in previous blogs, I've been working out steadily for about 18 months now. The only barrier was the viral death barfing experience I had last month, which sidelined me for about 5 days. My weight loss has maintained around 21-24 pounds, and I haven't noticed any major changes in getting smaller. However, my muscles have definitely gotten tighter, especially in my shoulders and chest.

Since I've been working out in public, I've had to invest in more workout clothes. My old cheerleading short shorts weren't appropriate (major crotch shot), so I found Gap's athletic clothing line, Athleta, which is amazing. I also found out the hard way that bangs are not workout-friendly, so I found this awesome headband line called "Sweaty Bands", which have changed my life. I now call them magic bands because they magically stay on my head throughout my whole workout, which hasn't been possible with any other headband until now.

So, here are some updated pictures of me:

I wish I was thinner, but I am way better off now than I was even last summer. Ugh, broad shoulders...

And me with a better close-up of the headband:
I think I need more of these headbands.


the princess said...

miss sheri -

you have no idea who I am (I found your blog from your sister's blog) but I have really enjoyed reading your blog. you are an amazingly strong woman and I am impressed with you and that you continue to find joy in your life even though some things are hard.

anyway, with regard to the pics you posted, you look absolutely FANTASTIC!! seriously amazing - your stomach is so flat. are you doing the same workout you posted about earlier? wow!

have a great day - and keep smiling.

~ jannet

Kristine said...

You look great! I've wished that I could lose 5-10 more, but I've at least been building muscle. It feels good to be strong.

heidi nielsen said...

Those sweaty bands work for you? I have to wear the super wide headbands from athleta, and wear them practically on my forehead and over my ears. They're the only thing I've found that stay on my head.

heidi nielsen said...

I guess the Lululemon bang buster works for me too. Lookin' good in your cute workout clothes :)

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