Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Ok, so just a quick post for the day.. I've been thinking a lot about the spiritual implications of my situation, and I've been figuring out in my head how I want to say the things that I feel.. So, that will be next.

Anyways, if you're not my friend on Facebook, you wouldn't know that the past 3 days have been ROUGH on Carter. He has been crying daily for his daddy. He went so far as to make me cry with him last night. Sometimes, he cannot be consoled. I try to "reason" with him (is there really such a thing as reasoning with a toddler?), like daddy made mistakes, daddy's sick, daddy needs to work and go to school, but he yells back at me, "he [daddy] is better!" (i.e. he can come back home now). Ugh. This is exhausting, and it is absolutely heartbreaking that Carter sees and feels so much.


Andrea Vincent said...

Does Graham read your blogs? Perhaps he can help you to find comfort for Carter.

cassidy said...

Hey have you ever seen "Daddy dolls"? I've seen them for Dads who are deployed. They're little pillow things with a picture of Dad on them that the kids can snuggle while Dad's gone. I wonder if something like that could possibly help? It's definitely not a complete problem-solver, but I wonder if it could help console when Carter is upset?

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