Monday, June 17, 2013

What's Yours?

This is going to be short entry tonight. My workout did a lot of shoulder and thigh work, so I am feeling pretty weak. I had to cut Carter's bath short because I felt like a limp noodle trying to wash his hair.

Anyways, I've been thinking about this kind of random topic a lot over the past few weeks. A friend at work was talking to me and a nurse at work, and when he walked away, the nurse said something about what good people he and his wife are. I, being the comparative woman that I am, wondered what the heck people would say about me. Would people say that I'm a good person?

Which then led me to wonder what would people say my defining characteristic is?

I can tell you what it NOT is: kind, friendly, outgoing, the life of the party..

Here's what I think my good qualities are: I'm clever or witty with words (yeah, I know it may not completely translate to my boring blog), good listener, and good sense of propriety. Nothing too exciting, I guess. Oh, and I guess I'm smart and pretty, but I was just born with those. Hah.

One thing I've learned from my current situation is that even though I tend to be cynical, I like to believe the best in people.

Also, I've learned that my actions are not run by my emotions. I have always been even-tempered. Ask my parents. Even going through puberty, I never had many episodes of mood swings. So, I tend to deal with stress pretty well. Working with people of different temperaments has showed me that I weather stress well. People have repeatedly told me during this whole ordeal that I'm strong, and I honestly didn't believe them, and I had no idea what they meant.. until now. I feel surprisingly emotionally strong undergoing this huge trial.

Anyways, I'm still trying to figure myself out..

But, if you want a little Carter-ism, he has been into making "smiley faces" lately, including with his food and random objects. The best one, was when Graham was changing his diaper, and Carter was butt naked. He made a lip shape with his fingers, and made a smiley face with his butthole as the eyes and nose. "Look, Daddy.. I make a smiley face!"

Honestly, I have no idea about this kid sometimes. I'm pretty sure he's a comedic genius.

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Sue said...

I think you ARE kind and friendly. Maybe not outgoing, but friendly.

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