Saturday, November 10, 2012

I cannot believe I haven't blogged in almost 3 months. I guess I'll give a brief update as to what our family is up to..

--Graham is finishing his first semester as a Washington State student.. only 3 more to go! (18 months and counting...)
--Carter just turned 2 last month. Pictures are on Facebook. He is a doll, really. He is the cutest kid I know. He just learned the word "no" and "mine". Fun.
--I'm still working full-time at the hospital. Our hospital is planning on a big affiliation with a large Catholic healthcare organization in the summer of next year, so that should be interesting.
--Graham is serving as the interim Engineering Club President. He got voted in as the president, but he's not actually a student at the junior college, so there was a problem with that. So now, he's helping out until someone else steps up. He also just got a calling as the ward choir director. Super fun.
--Carter is talking a TON. He says full-on sentences and tells us stories when "reading" his books. Totally adorable. He also cleans up after us. I have a really bad habit of leaving drawers and cabinet doors open, but Carter manages to close them after me. I also left my makeup out on the table the other day, and Carter climbed up on the table, put it back in the bag, and climbed back down. Weird kid.
--I am almost down 20 pounds! Woohoo! I am also wearing pants that I'd saved from 8 years ago in college (my nice designer jeans and some slacks from Banana Republic). I've also retired some of my current work clothes and designated them as future maternity work clothes.
--Graham just applied for a co-op internship at a government naval agency nearby, which would pay for the rest of schooling, pay him for his hours, guarantee him a job out of college, and help pay off student loans when he starts as a full-time engineer after graduation. Hopefully we'll hear something soon about it (like an interview!).
--Carter is now sleeping in a twin bed. He doesn't get out of bed at night or in the morning, which is weird because he knows how to. He sometimes cries out in the middle of the night for "daddy--lie down!" to have Graham come and sleep in his "big boy bed" with him. Too cute, but not a habit we want to start.
--I am turning THIRTY next month.. And I'm kind of freaking out about it. I keep finding more gray hairs, so my birthday present will be a haircut and color. My parents are coming up to celebrate with us, but we don't plan on doing anything too exciting (besides shopping).

Anyways, we are heading down to California over Thanksgiving break, so let me know if you're in town as well because we'd love to see you!

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Whitney said...

20 pounds?! What? That's amazing. Such a hard thing to do with a kid and a job and everything else. I am so impressed.

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