Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tuesday Morning (the store)

Their motto is: "First Quality. Legendary Savings."

I don't know how many of you have actually been in one of these stores, but I recently found one in my area. Now, I do want to first disclose my bias against these types of liquidated products from department stores and the like, such as Marshalls, TJ Max, etc. I cannot stand shopping in these stores. They stress me out. Like one stand-up comedian said, going into a Ross is like walking through downtown Beirut.. i.e., like a clothing bomb has gone off. These jeans the wrong size? Just throw them to another aisle!!

So, I was looking for some stuff from Michael's the other day when I noticed a Tuesday Morning store a couple of stores down. I ventured in, wondering what the heck they have in there..

I walked around in a stupor.. do they really have pajamas and bras on sale from before I was born? Are the kitchen appliances supposed to have dust on them? Are crocheted kitchen towels really still in style? Shouldn't the merchandise at least look new?

I only lasted for about 5 minutes when I literally ran from the store, vowing to never go in there again.

Seriously, Tuesday Morning stores are the stores that time forgot.

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Shannon said...

I hate going into those stores too. Well I don't know if I've been to a Tuesday Morning, but I hate trying to shop at Ross or TJMaxx or whatever. They are SUCH a mess and I feel like I get better deals shopping sales at regular department stores with coupons anyway. The only thing I've bought at Ross in the last 5 years is baby gifts. They do have a lot of decent baby clothes, blankets, etc for a good price.

Also this post made me laugh because I can just picture the look on your face as you took in the grossness of Tuesday Morning. lol.

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