Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some Pictures

So, I am really bad about taking pictures and uploading them. Luckily, my phone makes it pretty dang easy to share pictures online. Now, for your viewing pleasure..
Baby Carter's nursery
The crib. I was a little bummed to see that you can't see the crib skirt very well since the pattern is so cute.. but oh well.

So, it's a tight fit in our nursery.. but the chair glider is awesome right. Plus, it glides in a way that doesn't make me motion sick.

Our re-purposed bookshelf. We bought the canvas bins from Wal-Mart for toys and miscellaneous, and we'll be using the middle shelf for books and such.

We spray painted those picture frames to match the room. We also painted the IKEA shelves white to match the bookshelf. Graham made the wooden frame to go around the changing pad so the pad will not shift during diaper changes. Then, when our kids are done being babies, we can remove the frame easily. (I got the idea from Pottery Barn Kids.) Notice the Ken Griffey Jr bobblehead on the shelf? I think we're having a little baseball theme going on. I'm considering putting Graham's baseball glove on the top shelf.. Do you think that's cheesy?

The vinyl wall monogram. Call me Mormon or whatever, but I love it. Don't worry, our baby will eventually have a mattress to sleep on.

The 34 week belly shot.. for those of you who missed it on Facebook.

Belly in a different light.
I've had people tell me I don't look very big, and then I've had people who look shocked when I tell them I still have 5 weeks to go. Luckily, this pregnancy weight gain has ALL been in the belly and chestal region. I like when people tell me I don't like pregnant from behind, because I always wanted to be one of those women. Unfortunately, when you have all of the weight gain in one area.. you get certain results... like STRETCH MARKS. I almost had a nervous breakdown when I first spotted them. So.. you will never see me in a tankini that shows my lower stomach ever again.
Anyways, our nursery is ALMOST done. Just a couple of more things to buy.. Oh, and the baby needs to arrive too.


The Boob Nazi said...

WAH, STRETCH MARKS. WAAAAAAH. Life is so haaaaard.

Welcome to my world.

Shannon said...

Carter's nursery is so cute! Good job. I think the baseball theme is adorable for a little boys room. And I love your crib. You are looking great. I can't believe you only have 5 weeks left. I'm jealous. :)
PS-Stretch marks suck, but what are you gonna do?

Whitney said...

1. The frame around the changing pad...genius.

2. Canvas bins in a nursery...incredibly useful.

3. Giant pregnancy stretch marks...hard life indeed. Do not fear, they fade.

lisa said...

sherri! you look great--can't wait for baby carter to show up.

Alexis said...

Cute nursery!

I think you definitely look small. The people who act shocked that you aren't ready to pop just don't know what pregnant women look like. I had one woman act completely SHOCKED when I told her I still had six weeks left. She actually asked me if it was twins. Thanks, lady.

Sue said...

So what else do you need (besides the baby)?

Anna said...

Ditto your moms comment - it looks like you're all stocked and ready to go. :) And I think you look cute pregnant. No one's asked you if you're having twins, right?

Rachael said...

Wow, you look great! What an exciting time! I have almost the same exact crib but in espresso and it didn't show my bed-skirt either and I was bummed too. But either way, Carter's nursery is darling as I am sure he will be!

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