Friday, July 3, 2009

New Car

Before you say anything, like how irresponsible you think we are, or how you hate European cars..
Our new car has:
--The same payments as the old car
--Turbo engine
--A good CarFax report
--Great mileage
--6-CD changer and a spot for an iPod jack
--New tires
--Sex appeal :)
Anyways, yes.. I bought my first car. It's not Graham's, since my name is the only one on the loan.. but he mostly drives it. It's kind of a long story, but we decided to trade in the Chevy Malibu.. or should I say "Mal B". It was a sinking ship, and we wanted out... fast.
So, our friend hooked us up with a dealer in Port Orchard (Grey Chevrolet for anybody that wants to know). They were good, not slimy at all, and dealt efficiently with our purchase. I am VERY happy with my "new" 2005 Saab. Woohoo!
And please, no judgmental comments. That means YOU mom.


lisa said...

All my friends are buying cars and houses--I want in on this! :) Sounds like a great deal--Congrats!

The Boob Nazi said...

I told mom. Sorry.

Jacob said...


Jacob said...

I've heard repairs on those kind of cars are a bugger...buena suerte.

Sue said...


Kristine said...

I always recommend checking out consumer reports (no idea how this one rates). I do not do cars that will break down on me. I hope your new car works well for you guys!

Shannon said...

New cars are way exciting! Congrats. I love red cars especially. BTW I just realized someone I know is from Bremerton. Small world. :)

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