Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What do you reminisce about?

I just got caught up in a bout of nostalgia... at work.

I was looking at BYU football's win-loss record, and I clicked on the school website. I haven't been to the BYU website in years.. since I swore off Blackboard and Provo forever in April of 2006.

I was immediately hit with nervousness and excitement.. the same emotions I felt when I was applying to BYU, after I was accepted, and all of the details after. I thought of the first email I got from my dorm roommate Amber, all of the letters in the mail from BYU about potential majors, dining plans, etc.

In that moment, I actually MISSED college.. BYU... the dorms.. the whole bit! Me! The cynical single gal who couldn't wait to leave Provo.

But.. what I think I actually missed was the excitement about a new adventure in life.. The possibility that anything and everything was going to happen in the next couple of years. I think the general thought for me was that my potential HUSBAND could be walking around the corner any second now.. (Remember why I went to BYU.)

Then I started to think about what I often reminisce about:
--Engagement times.. pre-wedding, all of the planning.. so exciting!
--Cheerleading.. the fun, the skirts, the drama..
--College life. Stay up late, skip class sometimes, no real responsibility.
--Shopping trips at the mall with no husband (no guilt!)
--Vacations.. cruises..
--Pre-real life.

Real life is EXPENSIVE. Real life doesn't provide you with the feeling of new prospects around every corner (at least mine doesn't). Work is work. I guess I like the excitement of new things... which in the future can include children, buying a home, and...?

So, what are some of your favorite pasttimes you look back on and enjoy?


Shannon said...

Definitely much of the same you mentioned. I think it's a mindset. I wish I could break free of it and find excitement wherever I am in my life at that moment. I remember being excited when I was pregnant with Weston and looking at all the little clothes over and over. Now kids is kind of old hat and I feel like nothing will be exciting again. Sorry to be such a downer. It's kind of been a rough week. I love to reminisce about high school, college, working, pre-kid marriage when we could do whatever we wanted to. :) I guess I need to try to live it up RIGHT NOW! It's still fun to be nostalgic sometimes.

Jacob said...

Dating in hs and college...good times.

The Boob Nazi said...

I don't have to reminisce about those times. Mine still happen! I miss cheering at football games though. And I miss being skinnier. Dammit. I resisted buying candy today though. But I did finish off my chocolate cake.

Sue said...

I reminisce about more/some kids still being home. I miss my kids. I miss cheer coaching (kind of). I miss actually having friends to talk to. I miss being thinner. I miss not having to take pills. I miss not having any aches and pains. I miss not having to go to work most every day. Hmmmmm. But life is good.

BILL said...

I reminisce about going to concerts in hole in the wall joints. I thought I would grow out of going or wanting to go to concerts, but it is the thought of appearing like a pedophile with a wedding ring that keeps me from going. I just can't see myself in a mosh pit with a bunch of teenagers, so I just remember how it once was to wear others sweat! Memories.

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