Thursday, February 14, 2008

Graham is hottest

This post is dedicated to the best husband ever. It also coincidentally occurs on Valentine's Day. Seriously guys.. I'm getting free Wi-fi at a burger place.

So these pictures demonstrate the uniqueness that defines my Graham.
1) Goofy
2) Willing to try on cheerleading shorts (that was before we were even dating)
3) Pensive
4) Caring
I was inspired by his willingness to make me breakfast in bed without me even asking. On Sunday, he woke up before me and started making me toast and eggs.
We finally got our wedding video and he almost "lost it" while watching it.
He cleans the apartment while I'm gone.
He never complains about the food I make (which he shouldn't do anyways because I cook practically every night). He's even gained 9 pounds since being married.
He gave me a foot and shoulder rub the other night. He sure knows how to please a lady. ;)
He loves me so much and doesn't get annoyed when I get hyper or start talking with a Russian accent.
Anyways, I hit the jackpot with Graham and I love being married!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone...


Whitney said...

I ditto everything you said. I'm glad you found a great husband, just like I did.

I want to hear the Russian accent.

Whitney said...

Also, the photo of you two switching clothes is sick. It reminds of when Colt and Derek switched clothes in our nasty kitchen. Except your kitchen isn't nasty.

Julie Anne said...

Have you been talking about the great Russian mojo or something? Crazy girl.

Darren and Tisha said...

SERIOUSLY! I don't recall Russian Sherri?!?!! Hey- the guest room is re-done, and waiting for you two. Love and miss you both!!

Darren and Tisha said...

This is D. I am tearing up as I type. How come we've never communicated in Russian? Niet! That's Russian for no btw, lol! I'm an awesome computer lingo-er. Glad you guys are well.

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