Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My So Ordinary Life

It's funny, with Graham gone (6 weeks until he's back--and counting!).. people keep asking me how I'm doing and how I keep going. I tell them I'm just a robot and keep a pretty consistent daily schedule with Carter. I was thinking about this the other day when I was going over my Instagram account (does anyone else ever do that?). I was noticing that I haven't been recording many of the things that Carter and I do because I didn't feel like they were necessarily Instagram-worthy.

And then I thought, well, isn't that what Instagram is for? For documenting the important and unimportant events and mundane details of my life? And really, my life seems so boring, so humdrum, so..... ordinary.

But, most of us live ordinary lives. We work, we cook, we play, we live our lives with routines and schedules. Most of us are not jet setters to exotic locations nor do we all have exciting jobs. However, that really doesn't matter to my child. He doesn't need fancy trips or new toys. In fact, when we did a 3-day weekend to Philadelphia and Washington DC, he just "wanted to go home" so he could play Monopoly with his daddy. Even though our life isn't exciting, Carter still deserves to have his childhood documented to have visual memories to draw from.

So, this month, I will be documenting our life every single day on Instagram, with the hashtag #mysoordinarylife to challenge myself to find something different to note (I probably should've noted that today at work I dropped yogurt on the crotch of my dry-clean only pants--seriously, does it always have to be yogurt on my crotch, squirted juice from fresh cherries on my white shirt, and dropped/cracked my large re-usable cup from work), celebrate or enjoy every day. Because ordinary people and ordinary events need some recognition too!


Sue said...

I don't know how to see instagram stuff. So I want to see this. Tell me how.

Shewi128 said...

If you're looking at my blog from a computer, my Instagram pictures show up on the right as a slideshow. If you click them, it'll take you to my Instagram account as well.

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