Monday, March 26, 2012

Things I detest...

Just for the sake of ranting a bit, I am making a list of things I absolutely detest… without good reason. I just can’t explain my hatred of these items, so I’m just putting this list out there. Sorry if this list includes you or something you do. I can’t help it.

--Cars that look like toasters.

--The stickers you put on cars that indicate how many members of your family you have (I’ve seen turtles, flip flops, etc); little cartoon drawings of your family members (I’ve seen one of a family that the 3-year old boy is throwing a football. Seriously? The kid is just learning how to write letters, let alone play football.); or the Disney family stickers with the family wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Gag. Oh, if these stickers are put on a toaster-car, that means we could never be friends. Ever.

--Along with the last one, Disney freaks.

--Those shoes with separate holes for each toe. I think they’re called Vibram Finger something? They’re like a combination of 2 things I hate: toe socks and Crocs.

--Two-piece bathing suits for babies and little girls. I also strongly dislike topless or naked baby photos. Unless the baby is being born or in a bath, it’s just kind of weird to me.

--Hawaiian leis or graduation tassels hanging from a rearview mirror.

--The use of excessive exclamation points and capital LeTTers!!!!

--People who constantly update their status on Facebook. I try to limit mine to 2 posts per week, 3 on a busy one.. but seriously.. do you need to update more than once in a day??

--Stuffed animals in car windows. Just a simple question.. why?

I'll probably add to this at some point.. but it had to be said.

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Shannon said...

Oh my goodness I am so with you on those. I can't stand those hideous box cars and the family member stickers are awful. I find the Disney ones just bizarre on any car that originates from any state other than CA too.

On the other hand I love this classic Sheri post. :) Blunt opinions, no apologies. Love ya!

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