Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In honor of my 100th post

Here are 100 things about me that you might not know...
1. I love LOVE love being married. I know this is one of those duh statements, but it really is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.
2. In high school, I thought 25 would be the perfect age to get married. At BYU, I thought 25 was old, and then just I happened to get married 2 weeks after turning 25.
3. I’m obsessed with the Food Network. It’s my go-to TV channel.
4. I watch TV to fall asleep—usually Seinfeld or The Office DVD’s.
5. I’m in love with cool weather—not cold—COOL… like light jacket weather.
6. My favorite food is corn tortilla chips and Pace chunky salsa.
7. I can’t stand making the same recipes over and over again—I make new recipes every week.
8. I read cookbooks for pleasure.
9. My pinky toes are bent under my other toes so you can’t see my pinky toenails.
10. I don’t like pedicures because they tickle my feet and they rub off my hard-earned calluses.
11. I worked at a tanning salon while in high school and during summers in college.
12. I tweeze ingrown hairs on my legs.
13. I hate people who commonly mispronounce words like supposedly (I heard supposeBly the other day) and voila (it’s NOT wha-la you idiot).
14. I hate people who can’t spell, especially versions of words like “they’re/their/there” and “your/you’re”.
15. If I could, I’d live in Monterey/Carmel for the rest of my life.
16. I never get zits, and if I do, it drives me insane.
17. I’m not a child-friendly person.
18. I have road rage. I think it’s just from learning how to drive in California.
19. My favorite non-soda drink is Odwalla lemonade, which is only available in the summer.
20. My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper. Bad Sherri.
21. I took swimming lessons until I was 13.
22. I love comedy movies and I dislike action movies.
23. I was involved in every kind of activity while growing up: soccer, softball, piano lessons, dance classes, Girl Scouts, church, etc…
24. I try to go shopping on every vacation.
25. I’m an extremely competitive person, especially in sports.
26. I almost exclusively wear pointy-toed shoes to work.
27. I hate clothes with the brand name on the shirt, but I only wear jeans that have the brand name on the pockets/butt.
28. I’m a clothes snob.
29. I think I got food poisoning from TGIFridays once.
30. I drink a diet soda every single morning. I tried to give it up, but I felt TIRED the whole morning.
31. I never blow dry my hair. Don’t have to.
32. I never got in trouble with my parents growing up. I was the perfect child.
33. I have a photographic memory for some things. Graham calls me “googlemaps”.
34. I’ve been on 3 cruises with my family.
35. I love to read.
36. My preferred books to read growing up were horror/mystery books.
37. I wish I could travel more, but it would stress me out.
38. I’m deathly afraid of snakes.
39. I’m also afraid of heights… Ok, I’m kind of a wimp and am afraid of a lot of things.
40. I like to wear holiday and cheesy socks, especially when it’s nowhere near that holiday.
41. I hate when I’m going to the bathroom in a big ‘ol empty public restroom and someone sits down to use the stall directly next to me.
42. I hate when people fart in public restrooms. Yes, sometimes you can’t keep it in, but come on… some of you are violating the Clear Air Act of 1997.
43. Sometimes I wish I could live a life like the ones I see the models “living” in J. Crew catalogs.
44. I’m a lazy student. I still can’t believe I got my master’s.
45. I secretly want to be in power over people.
46. I often readjust my wedding ring as a nervous habit.
47. I get scared of the dark after reading scary books.
48. I really like to annoy Graham sometimes to test his tolerance and patience.
49. I don’t like chocolate, although I’ll eat it occasionally.
50. I am a very fast test taker.
51. I didn’t kiss a boy until I was 16 and a half… and it was on my first real date.
52. I follow rules religiously and am always courteous to avoid people saying bad things about me.
53. I hate the smell of coffee.
54. I look really bad in hats.
55. My face is very expressive—you can usually tell what I’m thinking.
56. I love the fall season: the leaves, colors, crisp air, etc.
57. It drives me insane when people keep asking me questions about things I don’t know and couldn’t possibly know.
58. The body and its inner-workings fascinate me.
59. I used to love a Gap shirt I got my freshman year of college that said “Famous”.
60. I’ve always thought of myself as semi-fat.
61. I really wanted to do cheerleading at BYU when I started high school, but I probably would’ve had to be on a diet all 4 years.
62. I passed the Spanish AP test in high school and received the academic letter, but I was too afraid to take it in college.
63. I’m still obsessed with wedding stuff.
64. I tried out for “select” soccer in 7th grade, didn’t make it, and started cheerleading soon after.
65. I also didn’t make the cheerleading squad the first time I tried out.
66. I dumped my “boyfriend” in 5th grade because he got his name on the board too much and he wore a shirt with a hole in it.
67. I got my first thong in 10th grade and loved it.
68. I love watching football games in person.
69. I go to sporting events just for the unhealthy food.
70. I hate white people who think they’re cool because they listen to independent bands and other typical white people music.
71. I’m not racist I swear.
72. I’ve been called a “man-stealer”.
73. I hate MacDonald’s.
74. It drives me crazy when people are too stingy with money.
75. I love makeup. I don’t see the point of wearing makeup if people can’t tell you’re wearing it.
76. I’m a sunglass freak and consider them to be an essential wardrobe accessory.
77. I despise fake designer purses.
78. Sometimes I make fun of people who wear glasses, including Graham.
79. I used to love tall and skinny guys. Now just skinny.
80. I absolutely hate to run.
81. I have a strong sense of smell.
82. I suck at video games.
83. My entire purpose at BYU was to get married—how sad is that?
84. I HATE cats.
85. Throughout my whole life, I’ve only ever had a handful of best friends, including my sister and mom.
86. I love the smell after it rains… like wet asphalt.
87. I am deeply sympathetic to handicapped and morbidly obese people.
88. I am so not political.
89. I love British accents.
90. Sometimes I talk with a Russian accent—a very bad one I should add—just to be random.
91. I am very stubborn. I didn’t realize how much until I got married.
92. I’m pretty vain.
93. I love to dance…sometimes.
94. My favorite musical artists include the following: Craig David, Dashboard Confessionals, Darren Hayes/Savage Garden, Brian McKnight, and Maroon 5.
95. I can’t wait until my kids go to BYU and have fun experiences like I did.
96. I’ve gotten 3 speeding tickets—all within one year. But, I haven’t gotten one since November 2002. I also got out of one last July in Portland.
97. Certain songs and smells really conjure up strong memories and feelings.
98. Guys who play guitars to girls really creep me out.
99. I cheated in my aerobics class in college.
100. It took me several hours to think of all these things.

Not really insightful into my character, but maybe you enjoyed these random bits of information.


Julie said...

I was going to say, ME TOO!!!! for which ones I agree with, but there's too many, so I'll say ME NOTTT for the ones I don't.
1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 16ish, 19, 20, 29, 31, 34 (I've been on 4 hahaha), 36 (depends on what you mean by growing up), 38, 46, 49, 51, 54, 59 (wtf????), 61, 62 (I took it in college and I'm speaking it two times a week!), 64, 66, 67 (9th woot woot), 72 (You evil whore), 78 (that's cruel), 79 (I still love them tall. Have I told you about the guy in the audiology phd program?), 83, 90 (My choices are British or Souther), 95 (hmm really?), 99.
So I'm 67 percent like you. You've changed.... tear.

Sue said...

You're one of my best friends, too. How can you cheat in an aerobics class?

Alexis said...

First off, I am very impressed that you actually came up with 100.

#81 is my favorite. I just had this image of you sniffing around pop into my head and now I am missing you muchas.

Mallory said...

a few comments:

1) i love that the only thing you bolded was your pure hatred for cats. come visit us in sf and you can sleep with my 2 cats :]

2) you are the only person i know who would admit to loving savage garden. so many memories of riding in your mustang listening to darren hayes.

3) the cheating in your aerobics class- is that a reference to the HEPE class or whatever it was with us where we were supposed to exercise and log it but nobody did it? good times.

4) now that we both have better taste in clothes (aka you would never wear anything that said "famous" on the front, i no longer wear only clothes that have been worn by someone else that cost under $1) we need to go shopping sometime :]

Jacob said...

We have a lot of similar tastes still....wish we lived closer.

Shannon said...

I totally HATE cats too. It's hard to express this to other people. I like other animals, but never cats. I think you need to give me some fashion/shopping pointers. I am not remotely a clothes snob, I'm a deal snob. I can't pass up a good deal. :) Also, I think it would be so fun to go to all these different places but traveling is kind of a hassle. I'm telling you, I will be first in line when they invent teleportation. Congrats on 100 posts!

Katie said...

#98 is probably my absolute favorite. You put a smile on my face with others, but that one actually made me laugh. Those kind of guys are totally creepy! And...notice, they never, ever have a girlfriend. You are my new hero!

Julie Anne said...

I like how these people are impressed that you came up with 100 things, and I came up with 300 once. I win.

Hayley said...

I'm Julie's friend, and I kept thinking, "This sounds like Julie!" I'm very glad she already listed which ones were like her.

Julie Anne said...

No Hayley, I listed which ones were NOT like me. Read a little more clearly.

Hayley said...

That's what I meant, Julie.

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